Time to Grab the Best Photography Lab for sort of Events

I found Puneet Malhotras’ candid photography unwittingly while surfing the Facebook and have been following his work for some time. I liked all his photos, work and candid moments. I shared the page to my husband when we were discussing to choose our photographer for our wedding.

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Puneet was the first photographer, my husband and I contacted to shoot our wedding. Admittedly, we went about contacting several professional candid wedding photographers after Puneet, we never found anyone whose work truly matched our vision like he did.

There were some photos on his website that were unique and enduring, and we went for it. We signed him on and so glad to choose him. We made a new friend in the process. And the result – we had a warm, friendly photographer at our wedding who truly understood the vibe, our album should reflect and he made it materialize.

Each photograph clicked at our wedding has a glow, a soul and it transmit us to that vary moment in time – we relive the memory with so much joy and contentment.

Further Enquiries:

Web:      www.newsuperphotolab.com
fb:           fb.com/newsuperphotolab
twitter: @newsuperphotolb
Mobile: 9565255484


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