Photographic Arena with an Utmost Skill

We both really can’t thank Puneet enough for our amazing wedding photographs. To us the day itself felt perfect, but to have all of those special moments captured in your beautiful photographs makes we feel exceptionally privileged.

We knew that finding the best wedding photographer for our wedding was one of the most important decisions we would take, so finding someone we could trust to capture the day in a style that felt right for us was a top priority. Having viewed the websites and portfolios of so many other photographers, Puneet work appeared in a class of its own and we were instantly put at ease with his laid back approach.


It didn’t go unnoticed that his humorous and relaxed manner also put all of our guests at ease and the results are clearly evident in his photographs. Many of our guests would consider themselves camera-shy but so many of them have been delighted by the natural looking photos he has taken of them.

We’re sure that we can’t have been the easiest couple to work with, he capture far more than we could have imagined possible, all those bits that we missed on the day but got to find out about at our first look through the shots – it was great to relive all the special moments that we can now share, keep and treasure! We have just finished doing the tour of family and friends, reliving the day through your photographs. We really can’t find the words to express his enormous gratitude for the amazing job he has done. It takes an incredible eye to capture all of the fleeting glances and moments that make up such an emotional day.

Post Your Query If Any:

twitter: @newsuperphotolb
Mobile: 9565255484


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