Best Wedding Photographer in Kanpur

Every girl longs to look as beautiful as she could on the day of her wedding.  A wedding is not just a ceremony but actually it’s the interconnection of two hearts. Wedding photography is a small trailer of a wedding ceremony, which has some special shots of the Bride and groom, their relative, pranks and bicker of the very special day.

It’s New Super Photo Lab that made my cousin’s wedding an amazing day. With his unique style of photography he creates a unique frame that draws the eye into the subject of image. The candid and the natural shots captured, of the bride and groom reveal the hidden love between the couple.


A wedding photography becomes more special and interesting with the capturing of the pranks and other family drama, NSPL shoots everything going around them. I just love their ability to truly capture the emotion within each moment. I especially adore their ability to take amazing portraits.

Their photography style is quite edgy, using unique mixtures of scenes and environment to create truly unique imagery. New Super’s post production work is very natural with just right balance of contrast to make images pop. Their work is very clean, fresh, natural and crisp.

NSPL has the ability to create something from nothing. Their ability to capture a moment makes everything impressive and beautiful.

Enquire About Us @:

twitter: @newsuperphotolb
Mobile: 9565255484



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