Wedding Photographer in Kanpur

It is so difficult to pin down any emotion into picture I feel especially when it goes down to some memories as special as that of one’s own marriage. But then some people make our moments so live, hopeful, realistic, precious and beautiful and that you want to relive those moments again and again.

I had seen some samples of his photographic skill on some social networking sites before. I had no idea about Puneet been a candid wedding photographer and well of such utmost quality. The photography which captures the instant moments of any situation, to make it a memorable. I was lucky enough to have many other photographers to cover my marriage functions, but today I carry only one album with me, and it is one of the most precious assets.


I had completely no expectation at all but surely I wanted best memories to live in my mind in the form of my marriage picture. I wanted to be all natural and did not want do the pose. And I guess this is where I was most comfortable with Puneet. I never noticed him around. The end product tell us  my friend , family are hands down on that he know his job so good and does it in some creative style.

He catches moments, places and things and some distinct angles, never looked so relevant before object and people, smile , anger , worry, concerns and some confused and some happy, some naughty and those joyful and fulfilling sights so well that it just not me the bride who smiled in the end but it was my people who were around the whole time some who never even got any time to just posed or get clicked, it was they who felt so special to see themselves being so present and being captured and present so beautifully in the photographs.

Further Assistance:

fb:          @professionalcandidweddingphotographykanpur
twitter: @newsuperphotolb
Mobile: 9565255484


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